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Infrared Camera Solutions

At HurleyIR, we offer a range of infrared camera solutions to meet your needs. Our cameras are designed to exceed military specifications for operational and environmental integrity.

Industrial Mil-Spec Infrared Cameras

Our industrial mil-spec infrared cameras are designed to withstand austere environments all over the world.  HurleyIR systems boast products that are built and tested to MIL-STD 810G, 810F, and DO160G, standards. 

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passengers infrared thermal heat scan imaging camera sensor at international airport seeki

Custom Solutions

HurleyIR will customize your camera to fit your solution and requirements. HurleyIR has integrated our cameras with radar, lasers, into vehicles, surveillance vans and into complex security solutions. Contact us to help us support your mission.

Security Infrared Cameras

Our security infrared cameras provide high-resolution images for surveillance and monitoring. With advanced features like motion detection and target tracking our cameras can help keep your property and personnel safe.

Security Room
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Technical Support & Training

At HurleyIR, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional technical support and training for all of our products and services. We provide in-country mainetenance and stand behind our products 100%. Our team of experts is available to answer your questions and provide guidance on using our cameras and systems. Contact Us.

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